Project World offers the following professional development services:


Our mentoring service is intended for individuals that are new to management roles and would benefit from having ready access to a seasoned professional to help them build their general capability to manage projects, programs or portfolios successfully.


This service is delivered in response to ad hoc requests from our clients that arise from their day-to-day work. Service delivery is via video call, phone or email depending upon our client's preference and their geographic location.


Our coaching service is intended for individuals or small groups who either: (a) need to develop skills in specific aspects of project, program or portfolio management if they are to realise their full potential; or (b) require professional support to prepare for specific project, program or portfolio management certificate examinations.


Once we’ve worked with our client to define suitable learning objectives we design and deliver a structured coaching program over an agreed time frame either in-person or via video-conferencing.


Our training service is intended for medium or large groups of people with common levels of knowledge and common learning needs. We can either: (a) deliver one of our proprietary courses that focus on general principles, techniques and tools of project, program or portfolio management; or (b) design and deliver a bespoke course or workshop that target more specific learning needs.


All courses and workshops can be delivered either in-person or via video-conference, depending upon location.

Self-Directed Learning Support

If you want to incorporate self-directed learning in your professional development strategy we can create a wide range of supporting resources for you. Examples include:


  • podcasts or webinars on topics of interest;
  • video interviews with subject matter experts or industry role models;
  • self-paced e-learning modules; and
  • shared digital work spaces for knowledge-sharing (eg. Sharepoint or Teams sites).


Project World can help you choose the best service for your professional development needs. To have a conversation about how we can assist please contact us today.